Horses are natural healers and living lie detectors

At this time in the cycle of human evolution we are being asked to move from our heads to our hearts. When you consider how much larger a horse’s heart is, compared to a human
heart, it makes perfect sense to connect with our powerful equine partners. I believe they have been waiting for us to reach this point in our cycle and are ready to assist. Those that choose are so willing to give us their hearts and fill ours to the brim. They are completely authentic and can mirror our truest feelings. The reason for this unique ability comes from the knowledge that horses have huge vibrational fields with powerful spiritual connections. These natural instincts come from the fact that they are prey and herd animals who have extraordinary sensory awareness. They are instinctual and sensitive to other living and environmental energies, and respond to them naturally. In early civilizations, and in many cultures, horses have been believed to be healers and intermediaries between the physical and spiritual realms.

Horses live in the “now moment” and they have no agenda as they participate in your process. They simply respond to our energy and feelings. They know when we are being our authentic selves. When we are congruent with our thoughts and feelings, they will partner up with us. When we’re not, they won’t. They are wonderful co-facilitators moving us in the direction we need to go. The horses will connect us to our true selves and our own inner wisdom.

The goal is to help you open yourself to the possibility and experience of being healed through the willingness and wisdom of the horse.


They always say that the eye is the mirror to the soul. Turns out that the eye of the horse is the second biggest amongst mammals - second only to the elephant.

Think the horse may have extraordinary powers of perception?