What is the Equine Gestalt Coaching MethodTM?


The Equine Gestalt Coaching MethodTM is a wonderful way to approach solving problems, releasing old, worn-out beliefs, programs and hurts. Through experiential processes we are able to create the environment to work through situations or pain from the past and, with assistance from the horses, transform your perspective to a more joyful one, now and in the future.

This type of coaching, working together with our wise equine teachers, brings powerful transformation and liberation through an experiential process with such clarity, that clients are often amazed. I am continually surprised and inspired by the outcomes we achieve with our healing partners – the horses.

This method of Equine Gestalt Coaching offers new possibilities and choices for those who may be stalled in their growth process or in some other aspect of their life, work or relationships.

Are you holding any painful memories in your cells?

Do you have any pain in your body?

Do you feel you are not living your life experiencing the most joy possible?

Is something holding you back?

Come experience a freeing from past limitations by working

with me and our horses.

Leave your sadness, anger and hurt at the barn.