A totally new and different approach to your astrological experience. Get the normal astrological reading then add a horse to create more depth!

Can you imagine the power of having a horse help you manifest the strengths in your Astrological chart – your Astro-DNATM? They will!

How about when your chart shows you that change is in sight and a horse shows you which way to go!

They can! We sometimes over analyze – they know what our hearts desires are – our truth!

Think about what it would be like to physically experience different parts of your chart (Astro-DNATM) to know how they feel and then have a horse lock them in or ground them for you.

What if there are parts of your make-up (Astro-DNATM) that are in conflict and out of balance – a horse is a natural at energy balancing – they can help.

Our equine partners and masters at bringing strength to our weaknesses, opening the door on closed feelings and giving us the opportunity to feel more whole as human beings.

Come and be a part of this magical new way of self-discovery.


Call EquisereneTM for appointments at (949) 439-0100

Go to www.astro-dna.com for information about normal Astrological chart readings and the different types available. Add an extra hour and $100 for equine experience.

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