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Samantha Marshall

Serenity Ranch

San Juan Capistrano, CA

(949) 439-0100

I’m always happy to work with clients from all over the country, indeed from all over the world. But sometimes, it’s great for someone to be able to find a coach who’s trained like me, closer to home. Here are some links to my friends and classmates who are all trained in the Equine Gestalt Coaching MethodTM. They are all gifted and extraordinary.

CO - Melisa Pearce:

CO - Devon Combs:

CO - Joe Brilhart and Margaret Wilson:

CO - Annette Price:

CO - Terri Mongait:

MD - Heather Kirby:

NM - Judy Schneider:

AB - Jocelyn Hastie:

WA - Ashara Morris:

NC - Lisa Martin: