About Samantha


Samantha’s lifelong love of horses and an insatiable curiosity and study of how we as human beings function led her to train with Melisa Pearce, the creator of the internationally recognized Equine Gestalt Coaching Method TM. Melisa is a leader in the field of the horse-human healing movement. She partners with the horses to facilitate a person’s self- discovery. Samantha has been certified by Melisa and her internationally known program as qualified to work with clients as a Gestalt Coach.

Samantha has been working as a facilitator, counselor and coach in the area of personal development for 32+ years. She was certified to teach the Silva Method of Mind development in 1979. She also achieved Doctor of Psycho-Orientology Certification from Jose Silva, a healing technique that predated and is similar to what is now called Reiki. She taught that as well. She’s also completed a Certification course in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and is qualified to coach. Today she teaches many different workshops on subjects including stress management, self-empowerment, relationships, communication, prosperity, children’s empowerment and meditation.

She is a world-class astrologer, practicing for over 35 years, and is author of the book “Understanding Children Through Astrology.” You can find her astrology website (Astro-DNATM) at www.astro-dna.com

Samantha is now integrating The Equine Gestalt Coaching MethodTM with astrological chart readings - giving the recipient another dimension to the experience. This is undoubtedly a new frontier with another level of depth and exploration. Can you imagine feeling the energies of your Astrological DNA then having a horse ground your strengths and show you new directions?

Well, come try one or both and experience a more fulfilled you!


Extraordinary experience: that’s what Samantha has, and that’s what you’ll get!

Coaching – Certified Equine Gestalt Coach 2012

The Equine Gestalt Coaching MethodTM was developed by Melisa Pearce, who is a core founder of the horse-human healing movement since 1989. The nature of Gestalt is experiential and Melisa added horses as active partners
facilitating with the coach in the client’s exploratory process. This is a field that is catching on rapidly as many are becoming aware of the power to transform and natural healing abilities that our equine friends possess. The horse is a living lie detector who is able to tell when we are in our truth and when we are not. They live in the present moment and are always authentic.

The Gestalt methodology can uncover the client’s unfinished business from the past and bring it into the present to be addressed and released. This is especially helpful when the client is suffering internally or is held back by old patterns or hidden wounds. The coach with horse help the client get clear and move the stuck energy. The horse has a natural way of transmitting energy to the human in such a manner that it will never be forgotten.


Samantha with Melisa Pearce